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Strategic Relocation Brief: A Five Star Rated State for Your Survival Retreat

http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/strategic-relocation-brief-a-five-star-rated-state-for-your-survival-retreat_07112014 By: Joel Skousen Editor’s Note: The following article comes to us from our friends at Strategic Relocationand has been contributed by well known relocation specialist Joel Skousen. As is usually the case with Mr. Skousen’s highly informative briefs, this one touches on some key points to be digested by anyone looking to leave the big city in […]


War on terror propaganda campaign designed to coincide with threat of ISIS http://www.infowars.com/ag-holder-says-homegrown-terrorists-keep-him-awake-at-night/  by KURT NIMMO | INFOWARS.COM “These lone wolves, these homegrown violent extremists are people who keep me up at night,” Holder said from London. Holder said “the experience that we had in Boston is instructive. It only takes one or — or […]

Meet the Man Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America

http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/06/27/meet-the-man-who-will-be-in-charge-of-the-un-takeover-of-america/ The Genesis of Our Present Demise Before we can solve the soon-to-be-crime in which the UN completes its pre-positioning of its assets and moves to seize American guns and impose martial law under the umbrella of a completely manufactured crisis, we need to take a retrospective peek at what happened in the Gulf Oil […]

The Baby Boomer Backup Plan

Thank you for visiting our site – Just your being here tells me you are in tune with the peril we face. What seemed to many economists trouble that was 2-5 years away, now appears to be right at our doorstep! You no longer have years to prepare – you likely only have a few […]

Bankers Are Dropping Like Flies

You may or may not have been hearing about all of the recent banker suicides. Doug Hagmann gave some interesting insight during an interview with infowars.com  

The Banks Will Steal Your Money… Get Your Money Out!

  In a story from Paul Joseph Watson of infowars, he reports fears of bank runs have escalated with the news that Russian lender “my Bank” has banned all cash withdrawals until next week. Bloomberg reported the halt on withdrawals. “My Bank” is one of the top 200 lenders in Russia, by assets. The Ruble […]

The Audacity of Tyranny, The Making of a Dictator

  Obama Just announced the other day that he was going to circumvent the constitution. So what else is new? Article I Section I of the Constitution states all legislative powers reside with Congress. The founding fathers utilized the influence of Montesquieu, to set up three branches of government, with the intention of providing checks […]

The Global Warming Hoax On Ice

In recent news, the Guardian reported that an Australian icebreaker’s attempt to save a Russian ship trapped in ice in the antarctic was thwarted by a massive blizzard. The ice-breaker ship reached within 10 nautical miles of the stranded ship. The ship had 74 people on board, a number of them who are environmental scientists. […]

The Creature From Jekyll Island Part 1

Hello Everyone, I’m Crispin Huxley with age of liberty. I wanted to provide my first video here with some powerful content, so I thought there would be nothing better than to delve into a review of a great book called “The Creature From Jekyll Island.” This is a book written by the G. Edward Griffin, […]