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The Audacity of Tyranny, The Making of a Dictator



Obama Just announced the other day that he was going to circumvent the constitution. So what else is new?

Article I Section I of the Constitution states all legislative powers reside with Congress. The founding fathers utilized the influence of Montesquieu, to set up three branches of government, with the intention of providing checks and balances in the government, so that we would not fall into tyranny.

“There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person,” Montesquieu wrote.

It was James Madison, writing in Federalist 46, who gave the warning that consolidated power at the executive level is the very definition of tyranny. He said, “the accumulation of all power, legislative, executive, and judiciary in the same hands… may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

Our nations history is replete with executive orders, but it was the Supreme Court that ruled executive orders may not be used to make law, only excite laws passed by Congress. Since the early 20th century, however, presidents have been signing executive orders that are flat out unconstitutional.

Obama, frustrated with congress, and with his inability to work with them, has taken matters into his own hands. Increasingly consolidating governance to his office, and making a dictatorial power grab on law and policy. The largest use of executive czars in history, issuing policy on immigration and gun control… Not to mention his recent unconstitutional reforms of his own sweeping healthcare law, that was past on a party-line vote.

Obama is definitely treading in unprecedented territory, but abuse of executive orders is not limited to democrats. Both parties have down what they could over the years, to strengthen the power of the executive office. I mention this, because democrats will always make the “Well, Bush did it”, argument.

The point to be made, is that this trend needs to stop, if we are going to preserve any semblance of a constitutional republic… Losing out on this great experiment we have enjoyed in this country. Centralization of power, historically, has never been a good thing. In fact, over the last 100 years, centralized government powers have been the biggest killer in the world, killing over 200,000,000 people.

We have not reached such extremes in our country as of yet, but over the last 100 years history in our country, the executive office has increased its centralized governing power, through executive order. The office itself has become a tyrannical platform, regardless of who is in office. In other words… We’re heading down a slippery slope. The same slope that has gotten millions of people killed.

In the progressively regressive, liberal authoritarian movement, the idea of adhering to the constitution has become a mental illness. Authoritarian liberals spout off about how the constitution is outdated, and needs to be amended to fit our modern times. They don’t exercise tolerance, or freedom of thought or ideas. Just check out village idiot Governor Cuomo of New York, with his recent comments.

What authoritarian liberals often fail to recognize, is that the ideas infused in the words of the constitution support new and fresh ideas to the world… Namely preserving individual liberties and property rights. Besides, if the constitution is the source of so many problems, it can be amended…. But, what would be the point of that, when a president can make executive orders to various department bureaucrats, who enforce policies that are outside of constitutional law.

Obama is simply continuing the trend of asserting power over the American people. Evidently, he is smarter than the combined brainpower of the house, senate, as well as the American people. Our constitution is the sole blockade against a tyrannical takeover of our country. Obama’s recent comments demonstrate how he is making a massive power grab, disguised as benevolent action for the sake of our children. No one man should have this much power.



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